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Title Lexical Substitution as a Framework for Multiword Evaluation
Authors Diana McCarthy
Abstract In this paper we analyse data from the SemEval lexical substitution task in those cases where the annotators indicated that the target word was part of a phrase before substituting the target with a synonym. We classify the types of phrases that were provided in this way by the annotators in order to evaluate the utility of the method as a means of producing a gold-standard for multiword evaluation. Multiword evaluation is a difficult area because lexical resources are not complete and people’s judgments on multiwords vary. Whilst we do not believe lexical substitution is necessarily a panacea for multiword evaluation, we do believe it is a useful methodology because the annotator is focused on the task of substitution. Following the analysis, we make some recommendations which would make the data easier to classify.
Language Single language
Topics MultiWord Expressions & Collocations, Evaluation methodologies, Lexicon, lexical database
Full paper Lexical Substitution as a Framework for Multiword Evaluation
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