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Title Bilingual Text Classification using the IBM 1 Translation Model
Authors Jorge Civera and Alfons Juan-Císcar
Abstract Manual categorisation of documents is a time-consuming task that has been significantly alleviated with the deployment of automatic and machine-aided text categorisation systems. However, the proliferation of multilingual documentation has become a common phenomenon in many international organisations, while most of the current systems have focused on the categorisation of monolingual text. It has been recently shown that the inherent redundancy in bilingual documents can be effectively exploited by relatively simple, bilingual naive Bayes (multinomial) models. In this work, we present a refined version of these models in which this redundancy is explicitly captured by a combination of a unigram (multinomial) model and the well-known IBM 1 translation model. The proposed model is evaluated on two bilingual classification tasks and compared to previous work.
Language Language-independent
Topics Document Classification, Text categorisation, Multilinguality, Statistical methods
Full paper Bilingual Text Classification using the IBM 1 Translation Model
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