Summary of the paper

Title Named Entity Relation Mining using Wikipedia
Authors Adrian Iftene and Alexandra Balahur-Dobrescu
Abstract Discovering relations among Named Entities (NEs) from large corpora is both a challenging, as well as useful task in the domain of Natural Language Processing, with applications in Information Retrieval (IR), Summarization (SUM), Question Answering (QA) and Textual Entailment (TE). The work we present resulted from the attempt to solve practical issues we were confronted with while building systems for the tasks of Textual Entailment Recognition and Question Answering, respectively. The approach consists in applying grammar induced extraction patterns on a large corpus - Wikipedia - for the extraction of relations between a given Named Entity and other Named Entities. The results obtained are high in precision, determining a reliable and useful application of the built resource.
Language Multiple languages
Topics Information Extraction, Information Retrieval, Grammars, Text mining
Full paper Named Entity Relation Mining using Wikipedia
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