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Title Turning a Term Extractor into a new Domain: first Experiences
Authors Jorge Vivaldi, Anna Joan and Mercè Lorente
Abstract Computational terminology has notably evolved since the advent of computers. Regarding the extraction of terms in particular, a large number of resources have been developed: from very general tools to other much more specific acquisition methodologies. Such acquisition methodologies range from using simple linguistic patterns or frequency counting methods to using much more evolved strategies combining morphological, syntactical, semantical and contextual information. Researchers usually develop a term extractor to be applied to a given domain and, in some cases, some testing about the tool performance is also done. Afterwards, such tools may also be applied to other domains, though frequently no additional test is made in such cases. Usually, the application of a given tool to other domain does not require any tuning. Recently, some tools using semantic resources have been developed. In such cases, either a domain-specific or a generic resource may be used. In the latter case, some tuning may be necessary in order to adapt the tool to a new domain. In this paper, we present the task started in order to adapt YATE, a term extractor that uses a generic resource as EWN and that is already developed for the medical domain, into the economic one.
Topics Tools, systems, applications, Evaluation methodologies, Text mining
Full paper Turning a Term Extractor into a new Domain: first Experiences
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