Summary of the paper

Title Named Entity WordNet
Authors Antonio Toral, Rafael Muñoz and Monica Monachini
Abstract This paper presents the automatic extension of Princeton WordNet with Named Entities (NEs). This new resource is called Named Entity WordNet. Our method maps the noun is-a hierarchy of WordNet to Wikipedia categories, identifies the NEs present in the latter and extracts different information from them such as written variants, definitions, etc. This information is inserted into a NE repository. A module that converts from this generic repository to the WordNet specific format has been developed. The paper explores different aspects of our methodology such as the treatment of polysemous terms, the identification of hyponyms within the Wikipedia categorization system, the identification of Wikipedia articles which are NEs and the design of a NE repository compliant with the LMF ISO standard. So far, this procedure enriches WordNet with 310,742 NEs and 381,043 “instance of” relations.
Language Single language
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Named Entity recognition, Ontologies
Full paper Named Entity WordNet
Slides Named Entity WordNet
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