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Title A Test Suite for Inference Involving Adjectives
Authors Marilisa Amoia and Claire Gardent
Abstract Recently, most of the research in NLP has concentrated on the creation of applications coping with textual entailment. However, there still exist very few resources for the evaluation of such applications. We argue that the reason for this resides not only in the novelty of the research field but also and mainly in the difficulty of defining the linguistic phenomena which are responsible for inference. As the TSNLP project has shown test suites provide optimal diagnostic and evaluation tools for NLP applications, as contrary to text corpora they provide a deep insight in the linguistic phenomena allowing control over the data. Thus in this paper, we present a test suite specifically developed for studying inference problems shown by English adjectives. The construction of the test suite is based on the deep linguistic analysis and following classification of entailment patterns of adjectives and follows the TSNLP guidelines on linguistic databases providing a clear coverage, systematic annotation of inference tasks, large reusability and simple maintenance. With the design of this test suite we aim at creating a resource supporting the evaluation of computational systems handling natural language inference and in particular at providing a benchmark against which to evaluate and compare existing semantic analysers.
Language Single language
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Knowledge representation, Lexicon, lexical database
Full paper A Test Suite for Inference Involving Adjectives
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