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Title A Multi-Lingual Dictionary of Dirty Words
Authors Jonas Sjöbergh and Kenji Araki
Abstract We present a multi-lingual dictionary of dirty words. We have collected about 3,200 dirty words in several languages and built a database of these. The language with the most words in the database is English, though there are several hundred dirty words in for instance Japanese too. Words are classified into their general meaning, such as what part of the human anatomy they refer to. Words can also be assigned a nuance label to indicate if it is a cute word used when speaking to children, a very rude word, a clinical word etc. The database is available online and will hopefully be enlarged over time. It has already been used in research on for instance automatic joke generation and emotion detection.
Language Multiple languages
Topics Lexicon, lexical database, Emotions, Other
Full paper A Multi-Lingual Dictionary of Dirty Words
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