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Title Swedish-Turkish Parallel Treebank
Authors Beáta Megyesi, Bengt Dahlqvist, Eva Pettersson and Joakim Nivre
Abstract In this paper, we describe our work on building a parallel treebank for a less studied and typologically dissimilar language pair, namely Swedish and Turkish. The treebank is a balanced syntactically annotated corpus containing both fiction and technical documents. In total, it consists of approximately 160,000 tokens in Swedish and 145,000 in Turkish. The texts are linguistically annotated using different layers from part of speech tags and morphological features to dependency annotation. Each layer is automatically processed by using basic language resources for the involved languages. The sentences and words are aligned, and partly manually corrected. We create the treebank by reusing and adjusting existing tools for the automatic annotation, alignment, and their correction and visualization. The treebank was developed within the project supporting research environment for minor languages aiming at to create representative language resources for language pairs dissimilar in language structure. Therefore, efforts are put on developing a general method for formatting and annotation procedure, as well as using tools that can be applied to other language pairs easily.
Language Multiple languages
Topics Corpus (creation, annotation, etc.), Multilinguality, Syntax
Full paper Swedish-Turkish Parallel Treebank
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