SUMMARY : Session O42-EW Question Answering Evaluation


Title Exploiting Multiple Semantic Resources for Answer Selection
Authors J. Ko, L. Hiyakumoto, E. Nyberg
Abstract This paper describes the utility of semantic resources such as the Web, WordNet and gazetteers in the answer selection process for a question-answering system. In contrast with previous work using individual semantic resources to support answer selection, our work combines multiple resources to boost the confidence scores assigned to correct answers and evaluates different combination strategies based on unweighted sums, weighted linear combinations, and logistic regression. We apply our approach to select answers from candidates produced by three different extraction techniques of varying quality, focusing on TREC questions whose answers represent locations or proper-names. Our experimental results demonstrate that the combination of semantic resources is more effective than individual resources for all three extraction techniques, improving answer selection accuracy by as much as 32.35% for location questions and 72% for proper-name questions. Of the combination strategies tested, logistic regression models produced the best results for both location and proper-name questions.
Keywords question answering, answer selection, semantic resources, resource merging
Full paper Exploiting Multiple Semantic Resources for Answer Selection