SUMMARY : Session O6-WMT Ontologies


Title An Incremental Tri-Partite Approach To Ontology Learning
Authors J. Iria, C. Brewster, F. Ciravegna, Y. Wilks
Abstract In this paper we present a new approach to ontology learning. Its basis lies in a dynamic and iterative view of knowledge acquisition for ontologies. The Abraxas approach is founded on three resources, a set of texts, a set of learning patterns and a set of ontological triples, each of which must remain in equilibrium. As events occur which disturb this equilibrium various actions are triggered to re- establish a balance between the resources. Such events include acquisition of a further text from external resources such as the Web or the addition of ontological triples to the ontology. We develop the concept of a knowledge gap between the coverage of an ontology and the corpus of texts as a measure triggering actions. We present an overview of the algorithm and its functionalities.
Full paper An Incremental Tri-Partite Approach To Ontology Learning