SUMMARY : Session O20-W Multilingual Corpora


Title Parallel Syntactic Annotation of Multiple Languages
Authors K. Miller, M. Vanni, O. Rambow, B. Dorr, D. Farwell, R. Green, N. Habash, S. Helmreich, E. Hovy, L. Levin, K. Miller, T. Mitamura, F. Reeder, A. Siddharthan
Abstract This paper describes an effort to investigate the incrementally deepening development of an interlingua notation, validated by human annotation of texts in English plus six languages. We begin with deep syntactic annotation, and in this paper present a series of annotation manuals for six different languages at the deep-syntactic level of representation. Many syntactic differences between languages are removed in the proposed syntactic annotation, making them useful resources for multilingual NLP projects with semantic components.
Keywords multilingual annotation, syntactic annotation, semantic representation, English, Arabic, Spanish, Korean, Hindi, Japanese, French
Full paper Parallel Syntactic Annotation of Multiple Languages