SUMMARY : Session P27-E


Title Linguistic Suite for Polish Cadastral System
Authors W. Abramowicz, A. Filipowska, J. Piskorski, K. Węcel, K. Wieloc
Abstract This paper reports on an endeavour of creating basic linguistic resources for geo-referencing of Polish free-text documents. We have defined a fine-grained named entity hierarchy, produced an exhaustive gazetteer, and developed named-entity grammars for Polish. Additionally, an annotated corpus for the cadastral domain was prepared for evaluation purposes. Our baseline approach to geo-referencing is based on application of aforementioned resources and a lightweight co-referencing technique which utilizes string-similarity metric of Jaro-Winkler. We carried out a detailed evaluation of detecting locations, organizations and persons, which revealed that best results are obtained via application of a combined grammar for all types. The application of lightweight co-referencing for organizations and persons improves recall but deteriorates precision, and no gain is observed for locations. The paper is accompanied by a demo, a geo-referencing application capable of: (a) finding documents and text fragments based on named entities and (b) populating the spatial ontology from texts.
Full paper Linguistic Suite for Polish Cadastral System