SUMMARY : Session O5-E Machine Translation and Evaluation


Title CESTA: First Conclusions of the Technolangue MT Evaluation Campaign
Authors O. Hamon, A. Popescu-belis, K. Choukri, M. Dabbadie, A. Hartley, W. Mustafa El Hadi, M. Rajman, I. Timimi
Abstract This article outlines the evaluation protocol and provides the main results of the French Evaluation Campaign for Machine Translation Systems, CESTA. Following the initial objectives and evaluation plans, the evaluation metrics are briefly described: along with fluency and adequacy assessed by human judges, a number of recently proposed automated metrics are used. Two evaluation campaigns were organized, the first one in the general domain, and the second one in the medical domain. Up to six systems translating from English into French, and two systems translating from Arabic into French, took part in the campaign. The numerical results illustrate the differences between classes of systems, and provide interesting indications about the reliability of the automated metrics for French as a target language, both by comparison to human judges and using correlations between metrics. The corpora that were produced, as well as the information about the reliability of metrics, constitute reusable resources for MT evaluation.
Keywords Machine Translation, Fluency, Adequacy, automatic MT evaluation
Full paper CESTA: First Conclusions of the Technolangue MT Evaluation Campaign