SUMMARY : Session O7-GWT Standards


Title Representing Linguistic Corpora and Their Annotations
Authors N. Ide, L. Romary
Abstract A Linguistic Annotation Framework (LAF) is being developed within the International Standards Organization Technical Committee 37 Sub-committee on Language Resource Management (ISO TC37 SC4). LAF is intended to provide a standardized means to represent linguistic data and its annotations that is defined broadly enough to accommodate all types of linguistic annotations, and at the same time provide means to represent precise and potentially complex linguistic information. The general principles informing the design of LAF have been previously reported (Ide and Romary, 2003; Ide and Romary, 2004a). This paper describes some of the more technical aspects of the LAF design that have been addressed in the process of finalizing the specifications for the standard.
Full paper Representing Linguistic Corpora and Their Annotations