SUMMARY : Session P1-W


Title NPs for Events: Experiments in Coreference Annotation
Authors L. Hasler, C. Orasan, K. Naumann
Abstract This paper describes a pilot project which developed a methodology for NP and event coreference annotation consisting of detailed annotation schemes and guidelines. In order to develop this, a small sample annotated corpus in the domain of terrorism/security was built. The methodology developed can be used as a basis for large-scale annotation to produce much-needed resources. In contrast to related projects, ours focused almost exclusively on the development of annotation guidelines and schemes, to ensure that future annotations based on this methodology capture the phenomena both reliably and in detail. The project also involved extensive discussions in order to redraft the guidelines, as well as major extensions to PALinkA, our existing annotation tool, to accommodate event as well as NP coreference annotation.
Keywords NP coreference, event coreference, annotation scheme, annotation guidelines, annotation
Full paper NPs for Events: Experiments in Coreference Annotation