SUMMARY : Session P4-W


Title Data for question answering: The case of why
Authors S. Verberne, L. Boves, N. Oostdijk, P. Coppen
Abstract For research and development of an approach for automatically answering why-questions (why-QA) a data collection was created. The data set was obtained by way of elicitation and comprises a total of 395 why-questions. For each question, the data set includes the source document and one or two user-formulated answers. In addition, for a subset of the questions, user-formulated paraphrases are available. All question-answer pairs have been annotated with information on topic and semantic answer type. The resulting data set is of importance not only for our research, but we expect it to contribute to and stimulate other research in the field of why-QA.
Keywords Question Answering, why-questions, data collection, syntactic analysis
Full paper Data for question answering: The case of why