SUMMARY : Session P21-W


Title The MULINCO corpus and corpus platform
Authors B. Maegaard, L. Offersgaard, L. Henriksen, H. Jansen, X. Lepetit, C. Navarretta, C. Povlsen
Abstract The MULINCO project (MUltiLINgual Corpus of the University of Copenhagen) started early 2005. The purpose of this cross-disciplinary project is to create a corpus platform for education and research in monolingual and translation studies. The project covers two main types of corpus texts: literary and non-literary. The platform is being developed using available tools as far as possible, and integrating them in a very open architecture. In this paper we describe the current status and future developments of both the text and tool side of the corpus platform, and we show some examples of student exercises taking advantage of tagged and aligned texts.
Keywords corpus, tools, teaching, translation studies, annotation
Full paper The MULINCO corpus and corpus platform