SUMMARY : Session O33-EMT Evaluation of Multimodality & Dialogue


Title Act-Topic Patterns for Automatically Checking Dialogue Models
Authors H. Dybkjśr, L. Dybkjśr
Abstract When dialogue models are evaluated today, this is normally done by using some evaluation method to collect data, often involving users interacting with the system model, and then subsequently analysing the collected data. We present a tool called DialogDesigner that enables automatic evaluation performed directly on the dialogue model and that does not require any data collection first. DialogDesigner is a tool in support of rapid design and evaluation of dialogue models. The first version was developed in 2005 and enabled developers to create an electronic dialogue model, get various graphical views of the model, run a Wizard-of-Oz (WOZ) simulation session, and extract different presentations in HTML. The second version includes extensions in terms of support for automatic dialogue model evaluation. Various aspects of dialogue model well-formedness can be automatically checked. Some of the automatic analyses simply perform checks based on the state and transition structure of the dialogue model while the core part are based on act-topic annotation of prompts and transitions in the dialogue model and specification of act-topic patterns. This paper focuses on the version 2 extensions.
Keywords Tool, dialogue model, evaluation, act-topic annotation, rule patterns
Full paper Act-Topic Patterns for Automatically Checking Dialogue Models