SUMMARY : Session P27-E


Title Evaluating Symbiotic Systems: the challenge
Authors M. King, N. Underwood
Abstract This paper looks at a class of systems which pose severe problems in evaluation design for current conventional approaches to evaluation. After describing the two conventional evaluation paradigms: the “functionality paradigm” as typified by evaluation campaigns and the ISO inspired “user-centred” paradigm typified by the work of the EAGLES and ISLE projects, it goes on to outline the problems posed by the evaluation of systems which are designed to work in critical interaction with a human expert user and to work over vast amounts of data. These systems pose problems for both paradigms although for different reasons. The primary aim of this paper is to provoke discussion and the search for solutions. We have no proven solutions at present. However, we describe a programme of exploratory research on which we have already embarked, which involves ground clearing work which we expect to result in a deep understanding of the systems and users, a pre-requisite for developing a general framework for evaluation in this field.
Full paper Evaluating Symbiotic Systems: the challenge