SUMMARY : Session P13-W


Title Syntactic Annotation of Large Corpora in STEVIN
Authors G. Noord, I. Schuurman, V. Vandeghinste
Abstract The construction of a 500-million-word reference corpus of written Dutch has been identified as one of the priorities in the Dutch/Flemish STEVIN programme. For part of this corpus, manually corrected syntactic annotations will be provided. The paper presents the background of the syntactic annotation efforts, the Alpino parser which is used as an important tool for constructing the syntactic annotations, as well as a number of other annotation tools and guidelines. For the full STEVIN corpus, automatically derived syntactic annotations will be provided in a later phase of the programme. A number of arguments is provided suggesting that such a resource can be very useful for applications in information extraction, ontology building, lexical acquisition, machine translation and corpus linguistics.
Full paper Syntactic Annotation of Large Corpora in STEVIN