SUMMARY : Session O7-GWT Standards


Title EuroTermBank - a Terminology Resource based on Best Practice
Authors L. Henriksen, C. Povlsen, A. Vasiljevs
Abstract The new EU member countries face the problems of terminology resource fragmentation and lack of coordination in terminology development in general. The EuroTermBank project aims at contributing to improve the terminology infrastructure of the new EU countries and the project will result in a centralized online terminology bank - interlinked to other terminology banks and resources - for languages of the new EU member countries. The main focus of this paper is on a description of how to identify best practice within terminology work seen from a broad perspective. Surveys of real life terminology work have been conducted and these surveys have resulted in identification of scenario specific best practice descriptions of terminology work. Furthermore, this paper will present an outline of the specific criteria that have been used for selection of existing term resources to be included in the EuroTermBank database.
Full paper EuroTermBank - a Terminology Resource based on Best Practice