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Title Developing a ContextualizedMultimodal Corpus for Human-Robot Interaction
Authors A. Green, H. Hüttenrauch, E. Topp, K. Severinson
Abstract This paper describes the development process of a contextualized corpus for research on Human-Robot Communication. The data have been collected in two Wizard-of-Oz user studies performedwith 22 and 5 users respectively in a scenario that is called the HomeTour. In this scenario the users show the environment (a single room, or a whole floor) to the robot using a combination of speech and gestures. The corpus has been transcribed and annotated with respect to gestures and conversational acts, thus forming a core annotation. We have also annotated or linked other types of data, e.g., laser range finder readings, positioning analysis, questionnaire data and task descriptions that form the annotated context of the scenario. By providing a rich set of different annotated data, thecorpus is thus an important resource both for research on natural language speech interfaces for robots and for research on human-robot communication in general.
Full paper Developing a ContextualizedMultimodal Corpus for Human-Robot InteractionKeywords: Multimodal corpus, Human-Robot Interaction, Spatiality,Dialogue systems, Gesture