SUMMARY : Session P21-W


Title Building a Parallel Multilingual Corpus (Arabic-Spanish-English)
Authors D. Samy, A. Sandoval, J. Guirao, E. Alfonseca
Abstract This paper presents the results (1st phase) of the on-going research in the Computational Linguistics Laboratory at Autónoma University of Madrid (LLI-UAM) aiming at the development of a multi-lingual parallel corpus (Arabic-Spanish-English) aligned on the sentence level and tagged on the POS level. A multilingual parallel corpus which brings together Arabic, Spanish and English is a new resource for the NLP community that completes the present panorama of parallel corpora. In the first part of this study, we introduce the novelty of our approach and the challenges encountered to create such a corpus. This introductory part highlights the main features of the corpus and the criteria applied during the selection process. The second part focuses on two main stages: basic processing (tokenization and segmentation) and alignment. Methodology of alignment is explained in detail and results obtained in the three different linguistic pairs are compared. POS tagging and tools used in this stage are discussed in the third part. The final output is available in two versions: the non-aligned version and the aligned one. The latter adopts the TMX (Translation Memory Exchange) standard format. At the end, the section dedicated to the future work points out the key stages concerned with extending the corpus and the studies that can benefit, directly or indirectly, from such a resource.
Full paper Building a Parallel Multilingual Corpus (Arabic-Spanish-English)