SUMMARY : Session P23-GW


Title Ontology-based Language Archive Utilization
Authors P. Berck, H. Bibiko, M. Kemps-snijders, A. Russel, P. Wittenburg
Abstract At the MPI for Psycholinguistics a large archive with language resources has been created with contributions from many different individual researchers and research projects. All of these resources, in particular annotated media streams and multimedia lexica, are accessible via the web and can be utilized with the help of web-based utilization frameworks. Therefore, the archive lends itself to motivate users to operate across the boundaries of single corpora and to support cross-language work. This, however, can only be done when the problems of interoperability, in particular at the level of linguistic encoding, can be solved in an efficient way. Two Max-Planck-Institutes are cooperating to build a framework that allows users to easily create their own practical ontologies and if wanted to relate their concepts to central ontologies.
Full paper Ontology-based Language Archive Utilization