SUMMARY : Session P9-M


Title ELAN: a Professional Framework for Multimodality Research
Authors P. Wittenburg, H. Brugman, A. Russel, A. Klassmann, H. Sloetjes
Abstract Utilization of computer tools in linguistic research has gained importance with the maturation of media frameworks for the handling of digital audio and video. The increased use of these tools in gesture, sign language and multimodal interaction studies has led to stronger requirements on the flexibility, the efficiency and in particular the time accuracy of annotation tools. This paper describes the efforts made to make ELAN a tool that meets these requirements, with special attention to the developments in the area of time accuracy. In subsequent sections an overview will be given of other enhancements in the latest versions of ELAN that makes it a useful tool in multimodality research.
Full paper ELAN: a Professional Framework for Multimodality Research