SUMMARY : Session


Title LEXUS, a web-based tool for manipulating lexical resources
Authors M. Kemps-snijders, M. Nederhof, P. Wittenburg
Abstract LEXUS provides a flexible framework for the maintaining lexical structure and content. It is the first implementation of the Lexical Markup Framework model currently being developed at ISO TC37/SC4. Amongst its capabilities are the possibility to create lexicon structures, manipulate content and use of typed relations. Integration of well established Data Category Registries is supported to further promote interoperability by allowing access to well established linguistic concepts. Advanced linguistic functionality is offered to assist users in cross lexica operations such as search and comparison and merging of lexica. To enable use within various user groups the look and feel of each lexicon may be customized. In the near future more functionality will be added including integration with other tools accessing lexical content.
Full paper LEXUS, a web-based tool for manipulating lexical resources lexicon, standards, tool