SUMMARY : Session O22-GW Infrastructures, Methodologies and Standards


Title Foundations of Modern Language Resource Archives
Authors P. Wittenburg, D. Broeder, W. Klein, S. Levinson, L. Romary
Abstract A number of serious reasons will convince an increasing amount of researchers to store their relevant material in centers which we will call "language resource archives". They combine the duty of taking care of long-term preservation as well as the task to give access to their material to different user groups. Access here is meant in the sense that an active interaction with the data will be made possible to support the integration of new data, new versions or commentaries of all sorts. Modern Language Resource Archives will have to adhere to a number of basic principles to fulfill all requirements and they will have to be involved in federations to create joint language resource domains making it even simpler for the researchers to access the data. This paper makes an attempt to formulate the essential pillars language resource archives have to adhere to.
Full paper Foundations of Modern Language Resource Archives