A Global Data Category Registry for Interoperable Language Resources


Sue Ellen Wright

Institute for Applied Linguistics, Kent State University




ISO TC 37 is creating a Data Category Registry (DCR) as an online open-source RDF-based resource for use by implementers of electronic language resources, including terminologies, presentational and non-presentational lexical resources, NLP lexica, etc. The DCR will allow dynamic generation of data category selections (DCSs), e.g., subsets of the collection reflecting various thematic domains and different data category classes and functions. The DCR will facilitate interchange and interoperability in heterogeneous environments. Participation of a wide range of experts from the broader computing community is important, as is provision for user-friendly guidance for implementers of databases and other resources.


data categories, language resources, data category registry, ISO TC 37, data meta-models

Language(s) Not restricted to any languages; global language set
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