Extending a verb-lexicon using a semantically annotated corpus


Karin Kipper, Benjamin Snyder, Martha Palmer

Department of Computer and Information Sciences, University of Pennsylvania




This paper describes the association of a hierarchical verb lexicon, VerbNet, with a semantically annotated corpus, the Proposition Bank. It focuses on comparisons of the syntactic coverage of the two resources as a method of evaluating their correspondence. Both VerbNet and PropBank have explicit syntactic frames associated with each verb, which allowed an automatic mapping between the two resources for almost 50,000 instances. We aim at both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of how the syntactic frames in VerbNet reflect the syntactic frames that actually occurred in PropBank. VerbNet accounts for about 78% exact matches to these frames and 81% somewhat more relaxed matches.


Lexical resources, Lexical semantics, Evaluation of resources

Language(s) English
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