Title Extending Wordnets to Implicit Information
Author(s) Palmira Marrafa

University of Lisbon, Faculdade de Letras and CLUL 

Session P10-W
Abstract WordNets mostly deal with lexicalized expressions and lexical-semantic relations among them. Concepts are represented by sets of synonyms (synsets), which constitute the edges of the network. Each synset includes the lexicalized expressions that correspond to a given concept. This paper adduces evidences which support the claim that some concepts, expressed by a subtype of complex telic predicates, are semi-lexicalized, in the sense that the lexicalized expressions corresponding to them do not express, let us say, the whole concept. Since concepts are the basic units of WordNets, they have to be fully represented. Accordingly, a representation which includes the non-lexicalized information is defended. Besides, a new internal semantic relation is proposed, in order to capture appropriately the relationship between the semantics of these predicates and the semantics of their troponyms.
Keyword(s) Complex predicates, telicity, lexical-conceptual structure, semantic relations
Language(s) Portuguese, English
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