Title EVALDA-CESART Project: Terminological Resources Acquisition Tools Evaluation Campaign
Author(s) Widad Mustafa El Hadi, Ismaïl Timimi, Marianne Dabbadie

Groupe ILSI, UFR IDIST, CERSATES UMR 8529, Universite Charles-de-Gaulle (Lille3), B.P. 149, 59 653 Villeneuve D'Ascq Cedex, France, Tel : 33-3 20 41 68 15, mustafa@univ-lille3.fr, timimi@univ-lille3.fr, dabbadie@univ-lille3.fr

Session P7-EW
Abstract This paper describes the ongoing evaluation work in CESART research project supported by the French Ministry of Research and Technology and coordinated by the University of Lille 3 and ELDA. The project deals with the evaluation of term and semantic relation extraction from corpora in French. CESART logically follows on the evaluation project achieved within the framework of the Concerted Research Project ARC A3 supported by the AUF, former Aupelf-Uref. This article sets the context, briefly mention the project objectives and reports on the suggested evaluation protocol.
Keyword(s) Evaluation campaign, Evaluation protocol, corpus, referential, test material, terminology extraction, translation, indexing, ontology
Language(s) French, English
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