Intranet Try To Find Project (ITTF): An Approach for the Search of Relevant Information Inside an Organization


Christophe Jouis, Jean-Marie Ferru

Université PARIS III – Sorbonne Nouvelle , 13, rue de Santeuil – 75231 Paris - France , {Christophe.Jouis, Jean-Marie.Ferru}@univ-paris3.fr




We propose to demonstrate that from the point of view of the information flow (analyze, diffusion and/or information retrieval), an organization cannot be described with one and only one exclusive thesaurus (or structured terminology with a simple link such as “synonym”). In fact, generally, any human being organization (firm, university, company, etc.) is understood and then, represented like a pyramid. The components of the pyramid are employees connected to each other in particular by a link of subordination. A leader (or “CEO”, “captain”, “director”, “General”, etc.) is at the top of this pyramid. The leader must take the great decisions. The leader is generally assisted by a “staff” (management team). But every organizations is at the same time composed of different kinds of members (employees) having different categories of knowledges, goals and needs. If we consider an organization, the flow of informations provided to an employee inside this organization must be filtered according to his needs and only those informations. Consequently, flows of information are absolutely not proportional to the hierarchical levels of the employees. For instance, the "head" of the organization could not make a decision if she/he was informed of all the informations related to its own organization: he/she would be completely submerged! We thus deduce from it that it is necessary to distinguish various categories of employees by functional properties. Then, for each category, it is necessary to specify the real needs for information. Lastly, it becomes possible to reconstitute a thesaurus by category. ITTF is an ongoing project organizing and filtering flow of external informations inside an organization using linguistic resources about the organization. Relevant informations are presented to a particular user by the intermediary of a simplified and personalized HTML interfaces.


ITTF, intranet



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