Title An Emerging Transcontinental Collaborative Research and Education Agenda in Human Language Technologies 
Author(s) Gregory Ernest Monaco (1), Abdelhadi Soudi (2)

(1) Great Plains Network, Topeka, Kansas and University of Kansas, greg@greatplains.net; (2) CLC and CS department, Ecole Nationale de L'Industrie Minérale, Rabat, Morocco, asoudi@enim.ac.ma

Session P4-G
Abstract This paper describes an emerging interdisciplinary research and education collaboration, in the area of Human Language Technology (HLT), among multiple institutions in the Great Plains (US) and Morocco. In particular, this collaboration is focusing on the complex problem of meeting the language technology needs of societies with multiple dominant and indigenous languages, as in the United States and Morocco, by, among other things, developing language resources for the spoken languages (Berber, Moroccan Arabic and Native American languages) in the two countries. We present the goal of the project, the activities undertaken so far and the road ahead in this collaboration. 
Keyword(s) Collaboration, education, Human Language Technology, Machine Translation, psycholinguistics 
Language(s) English, Arabic, Moroccan Arabic, Berber, various Native American 
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