Title MEAD - A Platform for Multidocument Multilingual Text Summarization
Author(s) Dragomir Radev (1), Timothy Allison (1), Sasha Blair-Goldensohn (2), John Blitzer (3), Arda Çelebi (4), Stanko Dimitrov (1), Elliott Drabek (5), Ali Hakim (1), Wai Lam (6), Danyu Liu (7), Jahna Otterbacher (1), Hong Qi (1), Horacio Saggion (8), Simone Teufel (9), Michael Topper (1), Adam Winkel (1), Zhu Zhang (1)

(1) University of Michigan; (2) Columbia University; (3) University of Pennsylvania; (4) USC/ISI; (5)Johns Hopkins University, (6) Chinese University of Hong Kong; (7) University of Alabama; (8) University of Sheffield; (9) University of Cambridge

Session O14-W, P23-W
Abstract This paper describes the functionality of MEAD, a comprehensive, public domain, open source, multidocument multilingual summarization environment that has been thus far downloaded by more than 500 organizations. MEAD has been used in a variety of summarization applications ranging from summarization for mobile devices to Web page summarization within a search engine and to novelty detection.
Keyword(s) Multidocument summarization, crosslingual summarization, evaluation
Language(s) English, Chinese
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