Title Adding Syntactic Annotations to Transcripts of Parent-Child Dialogs
Author(s) Kenji Sagae (1), Brian MacWhinney (2), Alon Lavie (1)

(1) Language Technologies Institute, Carnegie Mellon University; (2) Department of Psychology, Carnegie Mellon University

Session P19-SW
Abstract We describe an annotation scheme for syntactic information in the CHILDES database (MacWhinney, 2000), which contains several megabytes of transcribed dialogs between parents and children. The annotation scheme is based on grammatical relations (GRs) that are composed of bilexical dependencies (between a head and a dependent) labeled with the name of the relation involving the two words (such as subject, object and adjunct). We also discuss automatic annotation using our syntactic annotation scheme.
Keyword(s) Grammatical Relations, CHILDES, Syntactic Annotation
Language(s) English
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