Title E-Wiz: A Trapper Protocol for Hunting the Expressive Speech Corpora in Lab
Author(s) Véronique Aubergé, Nicolas Audibert, Albert Rilliard

Institut de la Communication Parlee

Session O9-SE
Abstract The affects are expressed in different levels of speech: meta-linguistic (expressiveness), linguistic (attitudes), both anchored in the “linguistic time”, and para-linguistic (emotions expressions) that is anchored in the timing of the events that cause the emotion. In an experimental approach, the corpora are the basis of analysis. Most of emotional corpus have been produced by acting/elicitating speakers on one hand (with a possible strong control), and on the other hand they have been collected in “real-life”. This paper proposes both a Wizard of Oz method for emotional induction and some tools (the E-Wiz platform and a pseudo language-learning software, the Sound Teacher scenario) in order to control the production of authentic data at the paralinguistic level of affects. The proposed protocol has been applied up to now to trap 17 subjects, including actors who reproduced the same utterances with acting methods. The labeling of emotional states was performed by the subjects themselves and is being perceptually validated.
Keyword(s) corpora methodology, expressive speech, authentic emotions
Language(s) French
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