The BITS Speech Synthesis Corpus for German


Tania Ellbogen, Florian Schiel, Alexander Steffen

Bavarian Archive for Speech Signals c/o Ludwig Maximilians Universität München, Germany




In this paper we announce the new BITS1 Synthesis Corpus for German. The BITS project is funded by the German Ministry of Education and Science to provide a publicly available synthesis corpus for German. The corpus comprises the voices of four German speakers (two male and two female) and consists of two parts: a set of logatome recordings for controlled diphone synthesis and a set of sentence recordings for unit selection. The paper gives an overview about the basic specifications, the profiles of the speakers, the casting procedure and quality control. Annotation and its organisation are described in detail. The final BITS speech synthesis corpus will be available via BAS and ELDA probably end of 2005.


Speech Synthesis, Speech Corpus, German, Public Available

Language(s) German
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