Title The Core of the Czech Derivational Dictionary
Author(s) Radek Sedláček

Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University Brno

Session P14-W
Abstract Amongst all available language resources for the Czech language one can find a lot of useful dictionaries, databases and corpora. There are machine readable dictionaries of literary Czech, the dictionary of Czech synonyms and two encyclopaedia: Otto and Diderot. Moreover, Czech researchers have two morphological databases, the Prague Dependency Treebank, the Czech version of WordNet and the Czech National Corpus at their disposal. However, any kind of resources containing information about word-formation and the detailed morphemic structure of Czech words is still missing. In this paper we will introduce the core of such a resource: the Czech Derivational Dictionary (CDD) and the procedure of its creation.
Keyword(s) Morphology, derivation, derivational dictionary
Language(s) Czech
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