Title Towards an International Standard on Feature Structure Representation
Author(s) Kiyong Lee (1), Lou Burnard (2), Laurent Romary (3), Eric de la Clergerie (4), Thierry Declerck (5), Syd Bauman (6), Harry Bunt (7), Lionel Clément (4), Tomaž Erjavec   (8), Azim Roussanaly (3), Claude Roux (9)

(1) Korea University Linguistics, Seoul, Korea; (2) Oxford University Computing Services, UK; (3) LORIA, France; (4) INRIA, France; (5) Saarland University & DFKI, Germany; (6) Brown University, USA; (7) Tilburg Univeristy, The Netherlands; (8) Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia; (9) XEROX Research Center Europe, France

Session P4-G
Abstract This paper describes some preliminary results from a joint initiative of the TEI (Text Encoding Initiative) Consortium and the ISO Committee TC 37/SC 4 (Language Resource management), the goal of which is to define a standard for the representation and interchange of feature structures. The joint working group was established in December 2002, and its proposals are now progressing to Draft International Standard status.
Keyword(s) Standards, Feature Structure, TEI Encoding, ISO
Language(s) Language-independent
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