Title Large Scale Experiments for Semantic Labeling of Noun Phrases in Raw Text
Author(s) Louise Guthrie (1), Roberto Basili (2), Fabio Zanzotto (2), Kalina Boncheva (1), Hamish Cunningham (1), David Guthrie (1), Jia Cui (3), Marco Cammisa (2), Jerry Cheng-Chieh Liu (8), Cassia Farria Martin (6), Kristiyan Haralambiev (7), Martin Holub (5), Klaus Macherey (4), Frederick Jelinek (3)

(1) University of Sheffield, UK; (2) University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy; (3) The Johns Hopkins University, USA; (4) University of Aachen, Germany; (5) Charles University Prague; (6) Harvard University, USA; (7) University of Bulgaria, Bulgaria; (8) Colulmbia University, USA

Session O20-W
Abstract This paper gives a brief overview of the results of our work during the Summer 2003 Workshop of the Center for Language and Speech Processing at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore Maryland. The goal of the project was to determine the feasibility of extending named entity recognition to common nouns and determine whether or not it is possible to assign automatically a predetermined set of semantic tags and approach human performance in the task.
Keyword(s) Semantic Annotation, Machine Learning, Maximum Entropy, Named Entity Recognition
Language(s) English
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