Title Toward an Annotation Software for Video of Sign Language, Including Image Processing Tools and Signing Space Modelling
Author(s) A. Braffort (1), A. Choisier (1), C. Collet (1), P. Dalle (2), F. Gianni (2), F. Lenseigne (2), J. Segouat (1)

(1) LIMSI/CNRS - BP 133 - F-91 403 Orsay cedex - France; (2) IRIT-UPS - 118 route de Narbonne - F-31 062 Toulouse cedex 4 - France

Session O10-MSE
Abstract Several French national projects have been achieved last years, allowing linguist and computer scientists working on French Sign Language (FSL) to establish a permanent collaboration. During these projects, several video FSL corpora have been realised. One of the research orientations induced by these projects relates to multi-disciplinary annotation. From the computer scientist's side, the aim is to develop an annotation software integrating different kind of tools based on image processing and 3d modelling that will be used to automatically annotate both lexical and syntactic information. This article presents several of these components. A first version of the annotation software integrating these components is under development.
Keyword(s) Sign Language, Video Corpus, Corpus Annotation, Image Processing, Spatial Representation
Language(s) French Sign Language
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