Title Using the NITE XML Toolkit on the Switchboard Corpus to Study Syntactic Choice: A Case Study
Author(s) Jean Carletta (1), Shipra Dingare (1), Malvina Nissim (1), Tatiana Nikitina (2)

(1) University of Edinburgh, HCRC Language Technology Group; (2) Stanford University, Department of Linguistics

Session O28-S
Abstract The NITE XML Toolkit (NXT) provides library support for working with multimodal language corpora. We describe our experiences in using it to study discourse effects on syntactic choice using the parsed Switchboard Corpus as a starting point, as a case study for others who may wish to adopt similar techniques using NXT or one of the other libraries that are beginning to emerge. We discuss conversion into the NXT data format; automatic annotation of markables and of constituent length; hand-annotation of markables for animacy information structure, and coreferential links; and data analysis.
Keyword(s) Linguistic annotation, discourse, Switchboard Corpus, NITE XML Toolkit
Language(s) English
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