Title Word Association Norms as a Unique Supplement of Traditional Language Resources
Author(s) Anna Sinopalnikova (1, 2), Pavel Smrz (1)

(1) Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University; (2) Department of Applied Linguistics, Saint-Petersburg State University

Session O35-W
Abstract The paper deals with reuse and testing of psycholinguistic resources in linguistic studies. We report on the experimental work aiming at comparing and evaluation of linguistic information provided by Word Association Norms (WAN) with that derived from other language resources (LRs), namely corpora and wordnets. Results for 3 European languages: Russian, English and Czech are presented. Quantitative and qualitative outputs of the research show that WAN can be employed to enrich the traditional LRs and serve as a tool for their consistency checking.
Keyword(s) Word association, word association norms, corpus, wordnet
Language(s) Czech, English, Russian
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