Title Development of New Telephone Speech Databases for French: The NEOLOGOS Project
Author(s) Elisabeth Pinto (1), Delphine Charlet (4), Hélène François (3), Djamel Mostefa (5), Olivier Boëffard (3), Dominique Fohr (6), Odile Mella (6), Frédéric Bimbot (2), Khalid Choukri (5), Yann Philip (1), Francis Charpentier (1)

(1) TELISMA, 9 rue Blaise Pascal 22300 LANNION France epinto@telisma.com; (2) IRISA/CNRS METISS Pièce A 123 Campus Universitaire de Beaulieu 35042 RENNES cedex France; (3) IRISA /ENSSAT, Université de Rennes I, 6 rue de Kerampont, BP447 F-22305 Lannion cedex, France; (4) FTR&D, rue Pierre Marzin 22300 LANNION France; (5) ELDA, 55-57, rue Brillat-Savarin 75013 Paris France; (6) LORIA - Campus Scientifique BP 239 F54506 VANDOEUVRE Cedex, France

Session P9-SE
Abstract The NEOLOGOS project is a speech databases creation project for the French language, resulting from a collaboration between French universities and industrial companies, and supported by the French Ministry for Research. The goal of NEOLOGOS is to create new kinds of speech databases: firstly, a 1000 speakers telephone database of children’s voices, called PAIDIALOGOS, following the SpeechDat guidelines with some adaptations to the context of children speakers; secondly, a 200 speakers telephone database of adult voices, called IDIOLOGOS, with a new special design to provide adequate data for very fast adaptation techniques and for ASR systems making use of speakers characteristics.
Keyword(s) Fixed telephone speech, Speech recognition, Language resources, children, reference speakers
Language(s) French
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