Title Evaluation of a Multimodal Dialogue System for Small-screen Devices 
Author(s) Holmer Hemsen

Natural Interactive Systems Laboratory (NISLab), University of Southern Denmark, Campusvej 55, Odense, Denmark

Session O41-EMS
Abstract The small screen size of mobile phone devices introduces usability problems for the development of graphical user interfaces and applications beyond pure telephony applications. The question that arises is, in which way a multimodal application including speech interaction can circumvent these restrictions and usability problems. In this article problems during the development of the user interface for a prototype application in the real estate domain are described and design decisions taken are discussed. A first user test is described, which shows the acceptance of the system, but also usability problems that still needs to be solved.
Keyword(s) Multimodal, mobile phone, small screen devices, dialogue system, evaluation
Language(s) Danish
Full Paper 622.pdf