Title Application of the BLEU Method for Evaluating Free-text Answers in an E-learning Environment
Author(s) Diana Pérez, Enrique Alfonseca, Pilar Rodríguez

Computer Science Department, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Session P16-E
Abstract We have applied BLEU (Papineni et al., 2001), a method originally designed to evaluate automatic Machine Translation systems, in assessing short essays written by students. We study how much BLEU scores correlate to human scorings and other keyword-based evaluation metrics. We conclude that, although it is only applicable to a restricted category of questions, BLEU attains better results than other keyword-based procedures. Its simplicity and language-independence makes it a good candidate to be combined with other well-studied computer assessment scoring procedures.
Keyword(s) Student essay evaluation, automatic scoring, BLEU, e-learning
Language(s) Spanish, English
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