Title Callisto: A Configurable Annotation Workbench
Author(s) David Day, Chad McHenry, Robyn Kozierok, Laurel Riek

The MITRE Corporation

Session P26-M
Abstract In order to support a range of textual annotation tasks, we have developed a new annotation tool called Callisto. To promote task-specific specialization of the interface and associated constraint checking, Callisto provides a facility for the independent development, compilation and installation of task module plug-ins (in the form of Java Archive jar files). The common Callisto backend provides a set of "annotation services" to which all separate GUI components can subscribe, enabling a common framework through which annotation updates are propagated to all components. A number of annotation task models have already been defined, and those that are of very general applicability have been made easily re-configurable for small changes in task definition. Callisto is implemented in Java to make use of Java's considerable support for Unicode-encoded multilingual data. Callisto is freely available for downloading and use.
Keyword(s) Annotation, atlas, user interface, GUI, stand off annotation
Language(s) All Unicode supported languages
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