Title Experiments on Building Language Resources for Multi-Modal Dialogue Systems
Author(s) Laurent Romary (1), Amalia Todirascu (2), David Langlois (1)

(1) INRIA Lorraine, Batiment LORIA, Campus scientifique, 54506 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy cedex, France, {Laurent.Romary,David.Langlois}@loria.fr; (2) Université de Technologie de Troyes, 12, rue Marie Curie, 10010 Troyes cedex, France, Amalia.Todirascu@utt.fr

Session P8-M
Abstract The paper presents the experiments made to adapt and to synchronise the linguistic resources of the French language processing modules integrated in the MIAMM prototype, designed to handle multi-modal human-machine interactions. These experiments allowed us to identify a methodology for adapting multilingual resources for a dialogue system. In the paper, we describe the iterative joint process used to build linguistic resources for the two cooperative modules: speech recognition for speech modality and syntactic/semantic parsing. 
Keyword(s) Multimodal corpora, multimodal man-machine dialogue, adapting NLP tools
Language(s) French 
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