Title Development of Resources for a Bilingual Automatic Index System of Broadcast News in Basque and Spanish
Author(s) G. Bordel, A. Ezeiza, K. Lopez de Ipina, M. Méndez, M. Peñagarikano, T. Rico, C. Tovar, E. Zulueta

University of the Basque Country

Session O23-SE
Abstract The development of an automatic index system of broadcast news requires appropriate Video and Language Resources (LR) to design all the components of the system. Nowadays, large and well-defined resources can be found in most widely used languages, but there is a lot of work to do with respect to minority languages. The main goal of this work is the design of resources in Basque and Spanish for the transcription of broadcast news. These two languages have been chosen because they are both official in the Basque Autonomous Community and they are used in the Basque Public Radio and Television (EITB).
Keyword(s) Language Resources, Information Retrieval, Index System, Continuous Speech Recognition, Digital Library
Language(s) Basque, Spanish
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