Bypassing Greeklish!


A. Chalamandaris, P. Tsiakoulis, S. Raptis, G. Giannopoulos, G. Carayannis

Institute for Language and Speech Processing




The present paper describes a new algorithm for addressing a significant issue: “Greeklish” (or “Greenglish”), which arose by the fact that the Greek language is not fully supported by computer programs and operating systems. In the first section of the paper we describe the “Greeklish” phenomenon and the current situation, in reference also with recent research on it. Some examples are provided in order to depict the complexity and the size of the problem at hand. In the second part we describe our approach and the implemented algorithm, together with examples to demonstrate its efficiency and robustness. In the third section of the paper we will present the results obtained after thorough experiments and tests of the system, together with a reference on future plans for further improvement.


Greeklish, Greek, conversion

Language(s) Greek
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